Birmingham Bowl 2018

Birmingham Bowl 2018: When the Memphis Tigers and Deacon Wake Forest meet in the Birmingham Bowl, they will show two explosive attacks for everyone. The 2018 Birmingham Bowl is probably one of the most interesting cup games of the year, and it is under the radar.

Birmingham Bowl 2018 Live

When Wake Forest wins the game, the demon deacon sets fire to the scoreboard and installs the opponent’s assistant. Memphis Tigers applied a similar approach to winning the game and were definitely interested in any team score.

All these insults will make this game a worthy game. How good are these two crimes? Wake Forest then scored 32.5 points per game and scored at least 50 points four times during the season. In another game, the Memphis Tigers games scored an average of 43.6 points per game in assault and assault, and this year they scored at least 50 points.

Currently, the end of this game is set to 73 points when writing this game. People in OddsShark predict that the game will exceed this figure, although at first glance some things may seem, but there are good reasons. Wake Forest is sometimes rude this year and scored less than 20 points three times this season. If a deacon demon really does appear, this game can be a subject with high scores.

Memphis: The Tigers have no Henderson. Patrick Taylor Jr. and Tony Pollard will play in his position. Just as Henderson is just as good this season – he is a nationwide consensus, averaging about 9 yards a day – Taylor also hits 1000 yards and just 36 less than Henderson (less than three times per game)).

At the same time, Pollard has always been a respectable multiplayer player, hurrying and catching 891 yards this season. For an attack with a high intensity of Memphis, there is enough talent in the backcourt to contain a boo. Given that Taylor and Pollard are expected to return to the game next season, this will be a good forecast for coach Mike Norwell’s plan for balancing contacts for 2019.

Wake Forest: Deacon demons may not have their main offensive weapon. At the end of the season against the Duke, Dortch’s status was TBD after the second-year red shirt was injured. “He had a finger injury in a game with the Duke, and we did not think she was serious at the time,” coach Dave Clawson told reporters.

But if Dortch can compete, he is one of the most versatile and dangerous players on the field. He passes the full ACC test and heads the conference with 1,750 multipurpose codes and 10 touches. If Dortch can’t play, Alex Bachman can be the best achievement (370 yards, 6 touchdowns).

Both teams may have to overcome the loss of their best offensive weapons. However, in both cases, Memphis can see a smaller reduction in production, if there is one. Taylor is a proven defender, and Pollard is a good addition, not to mention that the Wake Forest team is one of the worst ACC teams this year (4.85 yards and 29 touchdowns each time).

As the most popular team, the Tigers are also a stable team, which accounts for about two thirds of the time. Opportunities for points and fun are still great, and Memphis’s firepower is too great. Selection: Memphis – 4.5

Prediction: this game has great potential to become an exciting game, because both teams have strong defense and weak defense. When Tigers are among the best in shooting competitions, they can get enough points and digital yards.

At the end of a two-day football game, two days before the announcement, we have a clearer idea of ​​which teams will go to the playoffs.

Although student football playoffs are the most intense, it remains unchanged throughout the season, with the exception of Alabama’s defeat at the US Securities and Exchange Commission tournament, there is still a clear path for every competition.

In the sixth game of the New Year, some of the games will be in the spotlight, as a meeting of a group of five people begins to announce their assignment to the team.

Early confirmation helped to make interesting matches more likely, since some schools seem doomed not to have official announcements for certain bowls.

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